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Winter is coming… Actually, it’s already here!

Winter is a beautiful season with social times and festive fun but it’s also the coldest time of the year. We can always pop another layer on but your furry companion doesn’t have that ability, it is up to us to make sure they stay warm and safe in these dark cold winter nights.

Follow our top tips to make sure your dogs and cats are safe and happy this winter.

Dogs In Winter

Light up your dog

Winter nights are the longest and darkest of the year and keeping your pup safe is a priority. We think it’s a great idea to get a light up harness to make sure everyone can see your pup as they run around care free in the darkness. The mornings are especially important, make sure your pup is visible so cars can see them and other walkers can admire them!

Consider keeping them on the lead

If your pup is on the energetic side, consider keeping them on the lead unless in a really safe space. Drivers have reduced vision in the winter and your dog isn’t always aware of the surroundings. Keep them on the lead until you get to a beach or location where there are no vehicles around to keep them safe.

Keep Them Warm

We all get colder in the winter and that is the same for fido! Grab your four-legged friend a winter coat for these colder times. They might need to acclimatise to wearing layers but they will be grateful for it. After all, would you leave the house in the winter without your coat? (If the answer is yes, then you’re crazy!)

Cats In Winter

Like dogs, cats need your help staying warm in the winter. There are many options for keeping your feline friend warm in these colder days. Put a cat bed on the radiator or use a heated mat under a blanket, but we think this last option is the best…. Make sure you’re available as their own personal heated seat! That works well for both you and your kitten as your legs keep them warm their purrs keep your heart warm!

Don’t leave them out in the cold

Outdoor cats can’t let themselves in so make sure you’re checking in to see if they need to be let in the house. If you have a cat flap that’s great but otherwise you will need to check on your kitten to see if they need to be let in. If only they could use the doorbell to let us know they want to come in!

Make them a cat shelter

If you can’t guarantee you will always be available to let your kitten in then consider making a shelter outside where your cat will be dry and warm. You can get a waterproof box and put a blanket inside so your cat can find refuge from the weather until they can come inside. You can also leave some water there in case they are thirsty!

  • Nov 11, 2022
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