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Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is a fantastic opportunity to connect with your loved ones and get outside in the fresh autumn air. But not everyone is a fan of fireworks and fires!

Most pets hate bonfire night because of the loud bangs and bright sudden flashes. Researchers have called this noise phobia and multiple studies have looked into the effects of loud noises and disturbing flashes on pets. We have some top tips to make sure whilst you have a great night your pets also have a safe and comfortable evening.

Read on to find out our top tips for keeping your pet safe this bonfire night.

Make sure your pet has company

We know you want to get out there with a glass of hot mulled wine and join the crowds but your best pal really needs you tonight! The best way to keep your fuzzy pet safe is by staying home and keeping them company. We definitely don’t blame you for heading out though but make sure there is someone home to keep your pet company when the blasts begin to roll.

Close windows and curtains

Whether you’re in or out, making sure all windows and curtains are closed is a priority. Curtains can reduce noise and closing the windows on this cool night is a no-brainer! Leave a light on, close the curtains and your pets will be more comfortable when the noise begins. Remember it isn’t only large displays you need to think about. Your neighbours might be having their own private display in their back yard!

Pet TV

Everyone has a screen these days so why not lend one to your floor crawling buddy? We love to put on some pet TV for our cat and our dog loves to watch human TV with us. TV can offer stimulation, the sound can cover any fireworks, and it’s a great way to chill with your pet. Whilst you pop on your favourite Netflix show just take a look on YouTube for some pet TV so your cat can watch some squirrels or fish.

Stay Safe

We hope everyone, whether your skin is smooth or covered in fur, can enjoy bonfire night this year. Let’s be considerate for our neighbours and our pets and all have a great safe time!

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  • Nov 04, 2022
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