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Personalised Pet Canvas Prints

This is your pet’s moment! Let that gorgeous furry face take pride of place with a personalised canvas print designed after your furred friend. You also get to transform your space in the process with this bold, contemporary wall art.

Or if you’re shopping for a gift, spoil your animal-loving friends and family with a present they won’t forget… while you go down in history for giving the Best. Gift. Ever. Well done you!

Our personalised pet canvas are crafted by our in-house artists with great care and love. You only have to send us your favourite picture of your pet and we will take it from there. From the first design sketches to wrapping your pet canvas and sending it to you, we will make sure you will get your canvas safely. 

Note: We ship worldwide so if you’re in the UK, United States or Europe, you can still have your very own persoanlised pet canvas created and sent directly to your home!


 🐾Simply upload a picture of your pet - dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, horse - you name it, we create it!

 🐾Our talented artists will work their magic and create your custom pet design (allow up to 4 business days) 

 🐾We'll send you the mock-up of your pet artwork for you to approve before we send it off to be turned into your pet canvas.

 🐾Your custom canvas is printed and created in our studio then sent out to you 1st Class

🐾Voila, you have a stunning and unique pet canvas that you will cherish forever.


We love seeing your pets and we love it even more when you have multiple fur babies! If you want to get multiple pets onto one canvas then please get in touch and we can go over it with you.

How to order your pet artwork

See your favourite pet photo immortalised in a unique work of art in four simple steps:

  • Snap it! - Take a photo of your pet. 
  • Send it! -  Select your product, upload your photo and voila! 
  • Customise it! - Our artists will turn your photo into a stunning art design, which we’ll send you for approval (within 4 working days).
  • Print it! -  Once you’re happy with your artwork, we print it on your chosen product and we mail it to you 1st Class.

Note: Our personalised pet products are shipped worldwide, so if you’re in the UK, United States or Europe, you can still have your order delivered directly to your home.

How to take a photo of your pet

  • No need to be a pro! - You can take a great photo, no experience needed. We believe in you! 
  • Look them in the eye! - Taking the photo from eye level isn’t a requirement but it makes for some of the best pictures.
  • Your pet is the star!  - Make sure your pet is front and centre on the photo. We won’t include any furniture in the artwork. 
  • Lights on! - If the photo is taken in a dark, dimly-lit room, we may not be able to see your pet very well and we certainly don’t want that! 
  • Aaand action! - Make sure your pet isn’t resting or lying down - we want to see your furry friend in their full glory, sitting up, standing, or being active. 
  • Size matters! - Bigger photos are usually better quality, so the bigger the better. 

How our pet artworks are made

Let’s see how the magic is done! All of our portraits are drawn by hand by our talented illustrators. They take your photo and draw around it in their digital software. Once they have drawn an outline they then fill it in in our characteristic Canvas Creatures style. Because each design is drawn by hand it gives us a unique ability to customise each portrait.

We want every portrait we make to be special, so we don't use any apps or automated software to create these designs. Each one is drawn entirely by a human, especially for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need professional photos?

A: No, just take a photo from your smartphone or grab something you've already taken from Facebook or Instagram! Our designers will take care of the rest even if the image is low quality.


Q: How is the artwork of my pet created?

A: Every custom portrait is created by our very talented artists. We hand draw and digitally create your pet into a stylish, unique and personalised piece of art.


Q: Do you only create custom art of dogs and cats?

A: No, all furry friends are welcome!


Q: What if I change my mind about the background colour?

A: That's absolutely fine. Until you agree to the finished design we won't send your artwork to production giving you the peace of mind that you get exactly what you want.


Q: How long will my order take?

A: 2-7 business days, international orders can take up to 10 days. 


Q: Can you send my prints to a friend if it’s a gift?

A: Yes, of course. A lot of people buy our products as gifts for other fellow pet lovers. Upon checkout, simply give us the address where you’d like the product to be sent to and we'll take care of the rest!


Q: Do you ship to the United States?

A: Yes, we have partnerships with Royal Mail and Parcel Force and we ship world wide so no matter where you are you can turn your pet into a Canvas Creature!