Personalised Horse Fleece Blanket

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Personalised Horse Fleece Blanket

If you love horses, you will absolutely adore our personalised horse fleece blankets! Each design is meticulously created by real human artists (no software convertors!), based on a picture of your horse friend. Yes, you read that right - your horse will be the star of the design.

Just send us your favourite picture of your horse and our team will transform it into a bespoke artwork, which then gets printed on a lovely, warm, high-quality fleece blanket. Throw it on your bed or sofa and see your horse’s character fill the room. 

We offer a selection of sizes to fit your individual interior design needs.

 Small 28" by 28" or 710mm by 710mm


38.5" by 24.8" or 980mm by 630mm


57.5" by 37.8" or 1460mm by 960mm


Got friends who love horses? A custom horse fleece blanket might just be the best gift they’ve ever received!


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: Do I need professional photos?

    A: No, just take a photo from your smartphone or grab something you've already taken from Facebook or Instagram! Our designers will take care of the rest even if the image is low quality.


    Q: How is the artwork of my pet created?

    A: Every custom portrait is created by our very talented artists. We hand draw and digitally create your pet into a stylish, unique and personalised piece of art.


    Q: Do you only create custom art of dogs and cats?

    A: No, all furry friends are welcome!


    Q: What if I change my mind about the background colour?

    A: That's absolutely fine. Until you agree to the finished design we won't send your artwork to production giving you the peace of mind that you get exactly what you want.


    Q: How long will my order take?

    A: 2-7 business days, international orders can take up to 10 days. 


    Q: Can you send my prints to a friend if it’s a gift?

    A: Yes, of course. A lot of people buy our products as gifts for other fellow pet lovers. Upon checkout, simply give us the address where you’d like the product to be sent to and we'll take care of the rest!


    Q: Do you ship to the United States?

    A: Yes, we have partnerships with Royal Mail and Parcel Force and we ship world wide so no matter where you are you can turn your pet into a Canvas Creature!